March 29, 2008


(BB62 New Jersey and BB63 Missouri)
(BB63 Missouri)
(deadly firepower:16in main guns of BB63 Missouri)
(Tomahawk missile launchers)
(bronze plate for memorial of Japanese surrender to allied forces )
(The Instrument of Surrender)

Discovery Channel has a serial programs talking about top 10 fighters, top 10 tanks, top 10 sports cars, and lots of top 10 of the world. When they were talking about top 10 fighting ships of the world, I was surprised they picked Iowa class battleship as the most powerful one.
I am not able to have a ride on any top 10 sports cars or motorcycles, but I was lucky to see 2 battleships of this class and board one. On May 20, 1995, it was the Armed Force Day in US, so there were some open house events in many military bases. Puget Sound Naval Shipyard at Bremerton, WA had an open house on BB63 Missouri. Missouri is a legend of her class. She served in US Navy for almost 50 years through WW II to Gulf War.
The most important event in Missouri's commissioned history is Japan signed formal surrender instrument on this ship and WWII ended officially. I was lucky to visit her and see this important instrument to end a human biggest tragedy in 20th century.
Currently, BB63 Missouri is located in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, please visit her official website for more detail.

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