March 23, 2008


(sunrise at Mt. Ali, Taiwan)

March 22, 2008 was the day for Taiwan's new president election. KMT won this campaign by over 2 million votes; a big victory for KMT! Taiwanese people decided to have KMT to rule this country instead of current DPP. detail news from CNN...
Now the campaign was over and people had made their choice. Hope the new government will
  • Concentrate on economic and diplomatic development for Taiwan, work hard for the benefits for all Taiwanese people, and forget all the nonsense arguments and hates in the past.
  • Improve the relationship between Taiwan and China, to create a win-win situation for both sides.
  • Improve the relationship between Taiwan and US.

Also, I wish DPP can play a decent role of a opposition party to monitor new government's policies.

The economic growth of Taiwan has been behind other Asian countries for several years, hope this change will bring Taiwan back to an important and distinguish role in the world.

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