June 14, 2008


Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic pinVancouver 2010 Winter Olympic pin

Vancouver, BC, Canada will be the host city for Winter Olympic in 2010, so you can see a lot of official licensed merchandise at souvenir stores. Usually I am not crazy about those merchandise, but one stuff really caught my attention. There was a dual flag pin showing the national flags of Taiwan (Republic of China) and Canada.

In fact, Taiwan does not join Olympic games under the names of ROC or Taiwan due to political issues, it is under the name of Chinese Taipei and uses the Chinese Taipei Olympic's flag. So I was so surprised to see the National flag and the name of Taiwan shown on this pin. I think the Canadian Olympic Committee made some mistake and did not find it. I wonder if China has found this official merchandise and what they will do after seeing it?

So...buy it before it disappears! There are 2 pins showing the national flag of Taiwan at Olympic Store. By the way, those pins are made in China!

UPDATE on Jan. 17, 2009: Now this pin is not available any longer, because somehow they found the mistake!


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