June 3, 2008


Killer whale

Killer whales

the boat for whale watching

Whale watching is quite a popular eco activity in Vancouver area. I have been to Vancouver, Canada many times, but have not tried it before.

Most whale watching tour companies are based in Victoria; it is not convenient to me. But I found a company named Vancouver Whale Watching which is based at Steveston, just few minute driving distance from where I stayed.

On Sunday morning, we left Steveston at 11, then took about 2 hour sail to find the J Pod killer whale family which including about 25 whales. It was an exciting and unforgettable experience to be so close to wild whales. We even saw one or two of them jumped out from the sea. We stayed around these whales for almost one hour and went back to Steveston. it took 5 hours for this interesting adventure.

Sea sick is always a challenge to me when I take a boat trip. I was so glad not to get sea sick this time. But this time I got another big challenge - taking photos. It was very difficult to take photos of something swimming from a swinging boat, and I could never know where those whales came out. I took some OK pictures, but missed the one when it jumped. One person on the same boat was lucky to take some jumping whale photos with his pro-camera. The tour guider said that was the best shot she has ever seen. At least, I saw it by my own eyes!

photos of my whale watching trip...

Resized photos of killer whales...

For information of whale watching in Vancouver area

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