September 29, 2008


at the check point of Stronghold No.08
On Duty!
Watch for the shooter on the 2nd floor!
Watch out! a shooter on the 2nd floor
SDU of HK Police is guarding The Penisula Hotel for VIP visiting
SDU of HK Police is guarding The Peninsula Hotel for VIP visiting

Typhoon Jangmi leashed Taiwan and ruined my weekend. Since there was nothing to do except to wait for Formula One Singapore GP. I tried to find some fun for my Otaku Day.

I placed my collected action figures in front of the monitor which showing proper photos, so I could create some interesting photos to simulate the real combat images.

And since we still have one day off on Monday due to this typhoon, I need to find something else to do for my extra Otaku Day.

photos of action figures

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