September 6, 2008


Oxford College, built in 1882

(Oxford College, built in 1882; located in the campus of Aletheia University)

Fort San Domingo

(Fort. San Domingo, built in 17th century)

The porch of the main masion, Fort San Domingo

(The porch of the main mansion, Fort San Domingo)

Danshui is a very popular tourist site in Taipei county. Tourists are attracted by many historic sites and beautiful scenes in Danshui. You can visit Danshui Historic Sites for detail.

I spent 4 years (supposed to be 3 actually) in Danshui as a student of Tamsui Oxford College(淡水工商專校) ( now the Aletheia University 真理大學 ), so I have special feelings for Danshui. I like to visit it every few months and see the changes. Though the old Danshui in my mind is quite different from today's Danshui, I am glad to see it is getting better and more prosperous.

More photos of Danshui

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