September 14, 2008


(Sebastian Vettel , the race winner of Formula One Italian GP, 2008;
photo from
(Sebastian Vettel interviewed at BMW booth during Malaysian F1 GP 2007)
First time I saw Vettel was in Sepang Circuit, Malaysia last year. At that time, he was the test driver for BMW-Sauber and looked like a boy of your neighborhood, then later became the racing driver of Scuderia Toro Rosso . STR had a poor starting this year, but they really work hard on improving car design and operation. Now people did see the result of their efforts in Italy.
Though it was a wet race, Vettel got pole position after qualifying and became the winner after the race. He did not win this race by lucky or any accident, but by the efforts of whole team. he also set a record to be the youngest Formula One winner which at the age of 21.
Here is the official report from Formula One official web site. I think we can expect more great performance of Vettel and STR.

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