January 18, 2009


NTD3,600 consumption vouchers from government
NTD3,600 consumption vouchers from government

To encourage more consumption then to stimulate the progress of economics, Taiwan government gives each resident of Taiwan a gift for new year; it is a set of consumption voucher (消費券) which is worth NTD3,600 (around USD107). Taiwan government hopes this NTD3,600 voucher policy can make every people spend more money on daily consumption.

Today is the first day for consumption voucher distribution. I did not tend to get them today, but when I came home around 4 in the afternoon. I found there was very few people in the line for them. So it took me only 5 minutes to get them. Easy and Happy!

How am I going to spend these vouchers? I think it is about time to get a new LCD TV. I think spending more money with these vouchers do meet government's idea about these consumption vouchers.

Hope this consumption voucher policy do give some power to boost the economics growth in a short time.


Leslie said...

each resident of Taiwan....不知道有沒有包括 外籍人士



Anonymous said...

一個朋友的媽媽 前幾天天氣冷 突然中風 現在昏迷

所以 才想到 醫院大概是唯一不希望你多多消費的地方吧

每到過年前 聽到這種消息 都好難過

James Tung said...


To 不知名的朋友