January 11, 2009


Ferrari F50 (1995), F40 (1987)Ferrari F50 (1995), F40 (1987)
Ferrari F40 (1987), F50 (1995)
Ferrari F40 (red) and F50 (black)

I got these 2 Ferrari model cars quite long time ago. I bought F40 because it is the special model for Ferrari's 40th anniversary and it is the last design of Enzo Ferrari. F50 is a gift from my cousin when she had a trip to Italy; she is also a Tifosi!

I have not taken a good look at these model cars for a while, so I cleaned them up and took some photos for them. But what surprised me was both of them were made in Italy, instead of made in China like other recent produced model cars.

Both cars are in scale of 1:24 and made by Bburago.

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