January 2, 2009


bitten by a dog dressed the dog bite wound My 5.11 pants

Oops! I have never thought I would have the first post on my blog about this kind experience in 2009. It supposed to end as a nice hiking trip.... But at almost the end of the hiking, I was bitten by a stray dog near Zhang San Temple(樟山寺). We were on the way to Chengchi University (政治大學), those stray dogs came from nowhere and one of them attacked us by surprise.

Luckily, my 5.11 pants provided some protection. So that dog only hurt my paints and skin. We went back to the temple and called local police for help. Thank officer Ou (歐警員) of Muxin Police Station, Wenshan First Police District (文山第一分局 木新派出所) took me to hospital and he promised he would contact relative department for this issue, so they can minimize the stray dog attacking.

I think I had better bring my baton with me since next hiking.

BTW, it was the first time I took a ride of police car (009 of Wenshan First Police District) even though my father had been a police officer for several decades.


John Naruwan said...

Bummer! Packs of stray dogs are a serious problem in some areas in Taiwan, so much so that there are official signs in some places warning people to avoid the area after dark. It must seem almost unfair to get bitten in the day!

I don't see what the police are going to do. They might round up two dozen dogs but in a few months new dogs will have taken their place, with new abandonees being added to the population all the time. And do you think the temple is going to stop feeding them? Of course a real solution - involving catching and neutering dogs - just isn't ever going to happen. That would require adequate organization, competence and money.

James Tung said...

Thansk for your comments. In fact, the people at that temple do not feed these dog, but some "dog loving" people do.

I think the most important thing is to avoid more dog abandonment happen, so we will see less stray dogs.

Anyway, hope this bad thing will not happen to other people again.

alwang said...

Wish you being well soon.

James Tung said...

Albert, thanks!