February 25, 2010


feel I am a NGC photographer!
Eurocopter AS350 on Fox Glacier/福斯冰河
Fox Glacier/福斯冰河
Fox Glacier/福斯冰河
The Southern Alps of New Zealand are 720Km long, and there are 2 major glaciers in this area; one is Franz Josef Glacier which is 10Km long, another is the Fox Glacier, about 13Km long. We only see glaciers on NGC or Discovery channel, and they are kind of unreachable.

We arrived at the town of Fox Glacier on Feb. 14, then we spent 2 hours for a short hiking trip to Fox Glacier. I never thought I could be so closed to a glacier, it was a real NGC show in front of me! Because we did not follow a professional glacier guide, so we could not really touch the glacier, but only 20 meters away from it. It was really an exciting experience.

On Feb. 15, a great sunny day! We decided to take a helicopter flight to LAND on Fox Glacier. It was my second time to take helicopter, but I still felt exciting. An Eurocotper AS350 Astar took us from town of Fox Glacier up to mountain and make a landing on the Fox Glacier. The experience was too good to be true; it could be the once in life time experience for me to feel and touch the real glacier. The pilot also flew us around the glacier to give us a clear view of how glacier looks like. We also saw the hiking trail which we took on previous day.

This 20 min flight cost us NZD180 each person, but it was a great value to us.

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