February 22, 2010


Milford Sound, NZMilford Sound, NZMilford Sound, NZ
Milford Sound is fjord located in South Island of New Zealand within Fiordland National Park. We took a long ride of bus from Te Anau for visiting Milford Sound. The best way to enjoy the view of this beautiful place it to take a scenic cruise. We were quite lucky to have a great sunny day when we took the cruise. We enjoyed the view on the deck, but needed to face strong wind.

The Milford Sound is surrounded by sheer rocks up to 1,200 meters; snow on the top of some mountains, water falls splash into the sea, some times clouds cover part of these mountains. These combinations create different stunning images of Milford Sound. During the 1 hour and 40 minute cruise, always something make you "WOW".

Jane said "it is so beautiful, like the home of AVATAR." It is quite true! This place is too beautiful to be true.

More photos of Milford Sound

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