February 23, 2010


another photo befor jumping
enjoy the free fall
GO!!!  I feel I am the superman
Kawarau Suspension Bridge, New Zealand is the place where bungy jump began. It has been more than 20 years since 1988. I only saw this exciting sports in TV before and never thought I would have a chance to try it.

Till the previous night of visiting the first commercial bungy site in the world, I was still not sure I wanted to do it. In the morning, Jane reminded me to wear contact lenses instead of glasses, in case I wanted to make a jump. Thanks for Jane's support, I want to see everything clear when I am falling down!

When we arrived the site, it was before operating hour, so no one there. I walked to the center of the bridge and looked down, then I made my mind. "I want to jump!" and I am the only one in the tour group to try. So I made my first bungy jumping and entertained my group members.

"Did you feel scared?" that is the most frequent asked question. In fact, I was so exciting and felt nervous until the instructor tied the bungy cord to my legs. The most scaring part is not jumping, is to move your feet to the jumping platform. "Why am I here?" I asked myself after taking the "good-bye" photos.

Anyway, I had to make the jump. So I just leaned my body forward and found I was getting closer and closer to the river. It was quite weird experience to me. I felt no fear, but enjoyed the moment of falling....

The young guy before me said he felt like dying, the old man next to me told me it happened too fast, so no special feeling. I think this is something you have to experience by yourselves. No one will have the same feeling for bungy jump.

I am glad I made the jump at the world home of bungy. I got a jumper T-shirt and a certification. Also, I spent extra 45 NZ dollars for a nice set of photos.

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