June 29, 2007


The 7-day golden triangle trip in India came to an end. In fact, we only spent 5 days in 3 cities (Jaipur, Agra, and Delhi); just a very small part of India. I did enjoy this trip and I would like to recommend my friends to discover the beauty of India once in life time.

Here are some tips for India trip, no matter you are with a tourist group of just be a backpacker.

  • Be prepared for cultural shock. You will definitely see many differences from your regular life, and please show your respect to their culture.
  • Be careful of food and drink. Only drink brand bottled water and avoid eating the street food. Being health is very important during the trip.
  • Drink enough water, especially during summer.
  • Go to the toilet whenever it is available. Toilet is not easy to access as other countries.
  • You will see some homeless people or kids asking for money from you. It is OK to share some cookies or chocolate with them, but do not give them money. It will encourage them to keep asking for money from tourist instead of learning and working. Let their government to handle this problem, it is not a visitors' job.
  • Whenever you buy anything from street vendors, make sure what currency they are asking for.
  • Just take the photos of these beautiful scenes. I do recommend you not to impress your friends by taking the photos of some one's miserable life.
  • Remember there is no free help.

OK! That's all for my India trip. Hope you enjoy all these articles and photos about my India trip. Also hope you can share some experience with us. See you soon!

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