June 22, 2007


(crowded platform. old and dirty, but with digital sign board.)
(train is coming!)
(on the train)
After a 6-hour flight from Taiwan, we arrived in Delhi in the early morning. After having breakfast, we headed for New Delhi Railway Station for Jaipur. Though it was in early morning, there was a HEAVY traffic around the station and it was beyond our imagination.
The Delhi station was another shock to me; it looked like a abandoned building without lighting but a lot homeless people sleeping there.
Anyway, we still had a train to catch! We took the AC chair car; clean and nice (Indian standard). Because it was a early train, so they served bottled water, 2 times breakfast and juice, which was better service than Taiwan High Speed Railway :)
There were more astonishing views during the ride, but I would rather not to mention it. Anyway, we arrived in Jaipur safely after 5 hours.

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