June 23, 2007


(Jantar Mantar)
(Jantar Mantar, an ancient clock)
(City Palace, view from Jantar Mantar)
(City Palace) (City Palace)
(The huge silver water jar at City Palace)
The first day in Jaipur, we visited 2 places; one was Jantar Mantar(天文台), another one was City Palace(城市宮殿). Jantar Mantar is more like a park, displaying collection of many architectural astronomical instruments. You will be amazing how these instruments work and how accuracy they are!
City Palace was built in 1726, some part of it is opened to public, and some is still with noble people living inside. Don't miss the museums inside the City Palace, you can learn a lot about India dress and ancient arm and weapon.
In the middle of City Palace, there are 2 huge silver water jars getting people's attention. They were built in 1902, for Madho Singh II's trip to London. He wanted to have the holy water from Ganga River for drinking and watching during his trip.

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