June 23, 2007


(an astonishing view of Amber Fort)
(a close view of Amber Fort)
(Amber Fort, a view form elephant back)
(Amber Fort)
(inside the Amber Fort)
(inside the Amber Fort)
(Jal Mahal in the middle of a dry lake)
Amber Fort (琥珀堡) is one of my favorite sites in this trip. It was built in 1592 and the color is similar to amber, so it is called Amber Fort. It is located in the middle of a mountain, gives its a great position for defense purpose, also gives a astonishing view of itself. We took an elephant ride from the bottom of the mountain to Amber Fort and have a down hill ride on a jeep.
Amber Fort does not only give a great view from outside, there are also many well-decorated building inside.
Jal Mahal(水上皇宮) is supposed to be a "Water Palace" sitting in the center of the Man Darobar Lake, but now it is just the beginning of rainy season in India. So we can not see this "Water Palace", but a palace in the middle of a dry lake.
* The elephant we rode to Amber Fort was like a young Formula one driver. That No. 11 elephant passed over 6 other elephants when we were on the way up to Amber Fort.

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