December 1, 2007


(the ticket for this event, with Mr. Murakami's famous design)
(Location:Taipei Arena; photo taken before speech started)
(Mercedes-Benz with Mr. Murakami's famous flowers)

Mr. Takashi Murakami, a famous Japanese art designer visited Taiwan recently for the purpose of his new book published in Taiwan. He also shared his experience of his designer career and some of his art works with people in Taipei at Taipei Arena on Nov. 30, 2007.

In fact, I am not an art people, so I am not familiar with Mr. Murakami until he had the project with Louis Vuitton . For his speech, it was interesting to find out he was not shy to talk about how to make money from art design, thought some artists criticized him on this.

For me, the thing I learned from his speech was his experience from working with Louis Vuitton. "what is the meaning of a brand? A brand is something about TRUST and something customers can RELY ON." Although it is a very simple idea, how many companies can really make it?

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