December 23, 2007


(home gym with Wii Fit)
(can track your weight and BMI)
(you can choose a female or a male instructor)
(my favorite step exercise)

Nintendo just launched a new game set, the Wii Fit on December 1, 2007. It includes a pedal and a game. I brought it from Japan and it cost me around JPY8,000, not expensive but heavy (4.3Kg for a full package)

I think this game is really a killer application from Nintendo. This game set provides the function of measuring and tracking your weight and BMI (quite accurate!), also provides varieties of exercises; including some basic physical trainings, yoga and fun games. After playing for few days (30 minutes each time), I have lost 0.3Kg.

Wii Fit is really good for us who do not like and have no time to go to gym, but really need some exercise everyday. I will recommend all Wii owners to purchase this Wii Fit game set for healthy and fun purposes.

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