December 1, 2007


(Williams FW29 show car)
(FW29 and lenovo show girl)
(Williams team logo and the logo for remembering Senna)
Infomonth Show is the biggest computer show for consumers every year in Taiwan; you may get the best deal during the 9 days. This year "lenovo" brought a AT&T Williams F1 show car for promoting their laptop computers.
Once lenovo was the laptop dept. of IBM, but sold to a Chinese company few years ago. After becoming a Chinese brand, consumers changed the perception on their products. So lenovo works hard to build up brand image. Being a major sponsor of Williams F1 team and bringing this brand worldwide is one of their major marketing events. But during the computer show, I saw visitors paid more attention on show girls than on this F1 show car and their products.
Since I am a fan of Formula one racing, you may ask me if I will buy lenovo laptop computer? Well, I don't think so. If I am going to buy a laptop PC related to Formula one, I will buy the Acer Ferrari laptop PC; Ferrari beats Williams on the tracks!!!

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