December 29, 2007


(the landmark of Cinbi Village)
(Cinbi Village)
(Cinbi Village, Turtle Island and Gaodeng Island)
(the typical houses of Cinbi)
(the Cinbi Hostel)

Cinbi Village (芹壁村) may be the most popular and famous site at Beigan Island. Because this village is a eastern Fujianese style fishing village at its own style which you will never find at other places in Taiwan area.

In early years, people in this village made their living by shrimping. Most houses are made of granite and their shapes look like "Chinese chop". These houses are built on terraces that step up the hillside. Visitors can take a walk around this village to enjoy the beauty of these unique old houses. Also, because Matsu was a military zone, so you will see a lot "slogans" in the village.

There are 2 hostels in this village, visitors can experience living in these unique houses and enjoy the peaceful life. Also, they provide scooter rental service, you can rent a scooter for an easy way to look around the beautiful island.

I stayed at a stronghold just beside Cinbi Village, but I had never stepped into Cinbi at that time. This time I could really enjoy it, and not only thought about going home.

Selected photos from this trip

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