November 17, 2008


KSC Glock 17 with M3 lightKSC Glock 17 with M3 light

Glock 17 with a M3 combat light KSC Glock 17

the rail for combat light/laser device, also see its special trigger safety

Glock is a very popular brand, no matter in real gun world or BB gun world. I had a real Glock 22 many years ago, so I also have a Glock BB gun for my collections since it is impossible to have a real one at this moment.

This Glock 17 is made by KSC. Though it is under a Japanese brand, but it is made in Taiwan. So it is affordable and easy to get upgrade parts. I have owned this Glock 17 for several years; quite reliable and accurate for airsoft IPSC and survival game.

Though my side arms for survival game became a Sig Sauer P226, I still enjoy playing this Glock 17. The metal slide makes a real gun like sound when I pull the slide for loading.

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