November 11, 2008


class for Flash creation at Queensland Academy for Design IndustriesDigital portrait class with Wacom Intuos3 tablet at Queensland Academy for design industriesLucky boy working with a Wacom Cintiq 12WX pen LCD at Queensland Academy for design industries

Creative industries became very popular around the world recently, so we can see a lot schools offering design related training courses. During the biz trip to Australia, I had a chance to visit Queensland Academy for Creative Industries in Brisbane. In fact, it is a high school which just started 2 years ago. So far, only around 150 students in this school and they expect to have 400.

This school provides a platform for students to pursue careers in traditional arts fields such as film and television, music, visual art, and the performing arts.

We visited 3 classrooms, talked to some students and watched some of their art works. I have to say these student are really brilliant and creative, and their art works are really at pro level.

I think these students are really lucky to study at this school. The facilities are really good, and the teachers are full of passion. I believe those students will have great careers in the future, and this school will enjoy a great reputation not only in Brisbane, but also in whole country.

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MIZ said...
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James Tung said...
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MIZ said...
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Phoenix said...

Hey 我之前在一個叫"百萬小學堂" 的節目中發現他們也是用Wacom產品ㄟ, 是你的傑作吧^^


James Tung said...

那還會有誰呢? :)


Wacom is an amazing tool for the digital art work i do. I was very excited when you guys came to visit our school. Without my trusty wacom intuos Tablet, i will be nowhere i am now with my art work. OH, and i was watching 百萬小學堂 just the other night as well, and i did notice there bamboo tablets, and i thought it was pretty cool too!

James Tung said...

are you the girl wearing the headset?
I am so surprised that you found this site,and I am glad you like Intuos and hope one day you can upgrade to Cintiq.

You also watched 百萬小學堂 in Australia? that is another thing surprised me. I am sure those questions are very difficult to you.

Anonymous said...

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