July 13, 2009


Blue Mosque
Blue Mosque

House of Virgin Mary
Ephesus, Turkey.  the library
The library at Ephesus
Ephesus, Turkey.  the coliseum
The coliseum at Ephesus

The typical image of Muslim countries to me is conservative, anti-capitalism, anti-American, and Muslim-only. Sorry! it is my fault. I think that is why people need to visit other countries and learn about the truth, not only being educated by Hollywood movies.

During this trip. I found Turkey is a very open minded Muslim country; they accept different cultures and different religions. They are really a role model for "harmony of multi-cultures and multi-religions" in Islam world.

In Turkey, we saw many mosques, but also visited several places related to Catholicism/Christianity such as Hagia Sophia, Goreme Open Air Museum, and the house of the Virgin Mary. For the ancient cultures, we did not see only ancient Turkish culture, but also some remains from the ancient Greek (Ephesus) and the ancient Roman.

Istanbul : Mix of multi-cultures and multi-religions
Cappadpcia: Catholicism/Christianity
Konya: Muslism culture
Ephesus: Catholicism/ Christianity, ancient Greece

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