July 2, 2009


Alfina Cave Hotel at Nevsehir, TurkeyAlfina Cave Hotel at Nevehir, TurkeyAlfina Cave Hotel at Nevehir, Turkey

Cappadocia is one of the astonishing areas for tourists in Turkey, because of its natural wonders and unique historical heritages.

It was quite late when we arrived at Nevsehir in this area, we did not see the natural wonders clearly, but a hotel got our attention. Alfina Cave Hotel is a hotel in the style of Cappadocia; half of the hotel is build "in the mountain". Each room is like a cave; although it is not big, there are everything you need for a comfortable stay, and with romantic feelings.

Not only the unique design of the hotel, the restaurant also serves nice meal. We really enjoyed the stay at the cave hotel and took a good rest for another great day in Cappadocia.

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