July 18, 2009


Patmos, Greece
Patmos, Greece.  at the Holy Cave of Apocalypse
Patmos, Greece.  Manostery of St. John

We said good-bye to Turkey in Kusadasi, then took the easyCruise Life heading to Greece. After enjoying lunch and the sunshine of the Aegean Sea, we arrived at the first island of Greece during this voyage, the Patmos.

Patmos is a small island of Greece in the Aegean Sea, one of the most northerly of the Dodecanese group. With small population of about 2500 people, the main business is farming for grapes, olives, tomato, wheat and others.

The two important sites at Patomos are the Monastery of St. John and the Holy Cave of Apocalypse. Monastery of St. John is located on the highest point at Patmos, so our plan was taking a taxi to the monastery and walk back to the harbor. The hiking trail at Patmos is quite good, it is an old footpath; from the monastery to the Cave of Apocalypse, then back to harbor. Most tourist took taxis or buses for round trip, so we were almost the only people enjoy hiking there.

I do recommend people who visit Patmos to enjoy this hiking trail if you are capable, at least having one single trip (uphill or downhill). So you can see the harbor/town and the 2 sites from various angles. Also, there are always something surprise you when you pass through the residential area.

Photos of Patmos

Patmos, Greece.   Go hiking!

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