July 19, 2009


Santorini, Greece
Thira, Santorini.  a church
Thira, Santorini
Thira, Santorini
Thira, Santorini

Most time when we talk about Greece, the image in our mind is the houses in white and blue colors with the blue sky in the background; the typical romantic image of Greece for most people.

After visiting Patmos and Criti, we finally visited Santorini, the island with lots of house painted in white and blue.

The main town of Santori, Thira (Fira) is 1916 feet about sea level, so visitors need to take the cable car (or by donkey) to reach it. At Thira, you can enjoy the romantic atmosphere and walk through small alleys to see some pretty churches, houses, restaurants and gift shops; you can always find something WOW.

Because our cruiser only stopped at Santorini for less than 5 hours, we only can visited Thira, but no time for another beautiful town, Oia, which the town seen in many TV commercials and post cards. Hope I can have another chance to visit it again and stay few days there to taste more about Santorini.

Photos of Santorini

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