October 11, 2007


(THSR 700T at Taichung Station)
(700T leaving Taichung Station; red light on tail car)

Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) is a great achievement in Taiwan's history; making the traveling in Taiwan more efficient. It is my second time to take THSR for business purpose; I like it because it can save me 50% of traveling time than ever.

In fact, I have some kind of connection with THSR, because the company of my previous job was the contractor of some of THSR's core electronic systems, such as data transmission, telephone and clock. Though these systems had some delay during test, now they work fine and give no trouble to THSR. I am proud of my previous colleagues who were working for this project; it was really a disaster and big challenge to them.


alwang said...

Did you find the digital clocks and platform emergency phones? We did them.

James Tung said...

Sure, I did see the digital clocks and emergency phones. Good work!