October 22, 2007


(Kimi passed the finish line at Brazilian GP; from motorsport.com)
(my Kimi collections)
(the first win of Kimi Raikkonen at Malaysian GP in 2003)

After a dramatic race in Brazil, Kimi Raikkonen won the race and became the winner of driver's championship from the drivers in the top 3 but with the least chance to win.

Kimi is a great racing driver with talent and started his F1 career in 2001. He had several time to win the driver's title before, but missed due to unreliable racing cars when he was in team McLaren.

This year is his first year in Ferrari, and he did not perform too well to compete with Alonso and Hamilton of Team McLaren. But after coming back to Europe, he worked hard to catch up and finally won the driver's title after some dramatic races.

Mywife and I are fans of Kimi. We like Kimi because he is so calm even he face a lot challenges and never gives up what he wants. We are so happy to see him to win the driver's championship which he deserved it long time ago.

Now we may have to plan next F1 trip for Kimi!

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