October 6, 2007


(the house on the farm)
(horse "Cola" and cows)
(a calf with a funny face, became tasty burger later)
(a new borned calf)
(Tobby and Trooper)

After graduated from GC, I moved to Olympia, WA. to live with my female cousin's family and study in Saint Martin's College (now the Saint Martin's University) for MBA program. Because my cousin and my cousin-in-law bought a quite big land to build their own house, warehouse for their business, and had a farm for fun. At that time, they had 4 horses (sold 3 later), around 10 cows, several chickens, and 2 dogs.

It was quite an interesting experience for me to have this kind living environment. So besides going school, working at the warehouse, I also took care of these animals. It was fun to take care of these animals. The horse "Cola" was my favorite; he liked to follow me behind or kicked the warehouse to remind me bringing he dinner. Of course, I rode him sometimes.

I also could not forget the calf with a clown face. Cousin-in-law asked me to offer it better feed for few months, then had it butchered during Christmas time in 1994. We spent almost one year to finish all the beef. That was the best burger I had ever had!

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