October 6, 2007


(Sebastian Vettel interviewed at BMW booth during Malaysian F1 GP 2007)

Last week during the wet race of Japanese F1 GP, Sebastian Vettel of Scuderia Toro Rosso crashed into the car of Red Bull's Mark Webber when safety car was leading the race. This made both of them lost the chance to be on the podium. Although both of them said it caused by Hamilton's weird driving style, FIA did not give Hamilton any penalty. Here is the interview of Sebastian on F1 official web site.

Sebastian is another rookie in F1 race this year, the replacement of Scott Speed of Toro Rosso. When I saw him in Malaysia this year, he was still a test driver of Sauber BMW and looked like a kid from your neighborhood. Now he has approved he is a qualified racer after few races. I think he has the potential becoming another good driver in a short term.

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