October 14, 2007


(cockpit in detail)

I got a gift from my brother-in-law and sister-in-law; it is a classic Ferrari Le Mans racing model car from ixo. They bought this model for me when they visited Italy this year.

When I knew them, they were just little kids at age 7 and 6, and now they are college students. During their exchange student life in Europe this year, they found a nice shop selling the collector model cars, so they decided to buy one for me. It is so nice to feel their thoughtfulness and I really enjoy having this model car with everything in detail.


Howard said...

I saw one at Ferrari shop in Taipei, 1/18 scale, with detail decorations, materials used are the same as real car - leather seat...
It's labeled NT$20,000.

James Tung said...

So....you will buy me that Ferrari model car? Thank you so much.

mine is only 1/43 cale.

Howard said...

Sure! On your 50th birthday!!
Special gift for special date!!

James Tung said...

OK, I will keep it in mind!